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We are the Monkeylove Stunt Team!

Flymic, Chissie Rascal, Foghorn & Le Fish. 4 DJ's, all genres of music played to rock any crowd put in front of them. Four professional DJ's pulled together one weekend, bored of being professional they picked out some phat tunes, jumpsuits, a monkey, beers, a crash helmet and got fired up to party. This was no ordinary day, for this was the day that the Monkeylove Stunt Team was born on the South Coast!

Pulling out all the musical stops from the best decades, each DJ brings enough music to play on their own all night and then proceeds to physically battle each other to drop the phattest tunes. On any of the Stunt Teams nights expect to hear Funk, Soul, Disco, House, Hip Hop, Blues, Rock, Motown, Breaks and more...expect the unexpected!

Each night is a huge, high energy mash up of many genres from start to finish! If you like it retro and contemporary with a stunty twist and you are bored of your usual night out.... maybe you can find... The Monkeylove Stunt Team!

'Like watching a rock band without instruments!’ - Loaded
‘Who?’ - OK
‘Jackass in a DJ Console’ - Victorious Festival

Life is Short, Stunt It!